God’s Perspective

Change your perspective. Change your attitude.


Yes, this is a tree. This tree happens to be my chosen object lesson of displaying a change in perspective. Maybe you can or cannot tell that this picture was taken at a very different angle. Let me help you out, I was on the ground people. In fact, I cannot say that this picture was taken in the most comfortable of positions. But can you just admire the perspective shift that comes with a different angle?

The word perspective has a nice ring to it does it not? Well if it did not spark curiosity in your mind it did in mine. So I went online and looked up the history of the word perspective. In Latin perspective, known as perspectus, means “clearly perceived”.  Clearly perceived. What? In a warped world rattled by the destructive power of sin how is it possible to clearly see anything?!

Rick Warren shared a post on his page about developing God’s perspective on life. And one of his points took a hold of my heart. He said seeing everything from God’s perspective causes us to love God more. Wow.  I desire to love God more and I have struggled with the greatest commandment He gives us in His word.

Matthew 22:37 “And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

The better I understand who God is, the better I understand how to love Him with all of my heart, soul, and mind. When I look through the perspective of this world my life warps, but when I look through God’s lens its clear. For example, glasses are a part of my face at the moment, whether in contact form or the literal frames. When my glasses or contacts have anything obscuring my vision my perspective is warped, cloudy, and altogether frustrating. But put the glasses under water or clean the contacts with solution then the junk that was altering my perspective now goes away and I see things clearly. Who would have thought?!

Let’s take truth and saturate ourselves in it so that we can love God more, but also see things clearly! When our perspective matches the truth of knowing how much we are loved our attitude reflects that of humble thankfulness. Embrace the grace that encompasses every part of your life.

Paul David Tripp in his book New Morning Mercies says this, “If God intended for all the days of your life to be easy, they would be. No, in grace, he intends for your days to be his tools of refinement.” Please take these wise words to heart. The Lord is faithful and we can hold to that. Have a great day everyone!


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