The Rising Sun


Your name is higher than the rising sun

One of my favorite things to do is sing. And being here at Cuyahoga there is always opportunities to sing! All sons and daughters produced a song called “Rising Sun” and this song has become one of my favorite melodies to belt at the top of my lungs.  The truth that this song expresses in every word causes goose bumps to rise on these albino arms of mine, not because of any feeling that I can generate. In fact, it has all to do with the unworthiness I feel and the magnificence of who He is. Praise the Lord that He, by His grace, meets me where I am at.

The days here in Brecksville vary in their moment by moment activity. Coffee, friendship, and prayer all continue to make this opportunity more real and definitely more doable for sure. There is a lot of fellowship among all of the interns and they are all such a blessing in my life. I learn so much from the examples that I see around me and I am so thankful to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

In addition to being spiritually feed and nourished, I have definitely started to become acclimated with the surrounding restaurants, wildlife, and scenery of Brecksville. Food has not been something I have had to go without! Praises! The wildlife consists of a myriad of deer. EVERYWHERE. And I thought that Pennsylvania was bad with its deer population. But Cleveland in its entirety is simply gorgeous.


To depict Cleveland’s timeless beauty, this flower represents how simple things truly make my heart smile. I love being surrounded by the stunning beauty and fully blooming creation. One of the things that aids in my ever-growing appreciation of life is learning more about the names of God. Elohim, meaning the one true God, has a definitive ring and power when it is stated. I cannot help but brush the grass with my fingertips and savor the sweet smell of the daisies and think that all of this beauty is the handiwork of my one true God, my Elohim.

This week has been full of scrumptious foods, uproars of laughter, tedious tasks, and uplifting conversations. The path I am traveling is unlike any I have ever walked before. Thankfulness abounds in my heart for the people that surround me here but also for people who continue to invest in my life. My host family continues to show me grace, love, and kindness as I abide in their home with them. My fellow interns, yes I am bragging on them again, push me toward godliness every single day. Friendships that are being cultivated here and friendships from afar have been encouraging and sharpening. God is doing great things in the transforming of my heart and the hearts that make up Cleveland.

Thank you for praying for me and I ask to pray for the lives in Cleveland! Elohim hears our prayers!

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