As I Pass By

>> Take me away <<

Driving is one of my favorite things to do. Every morning I cruise to work in my Ford Explorer passing by houses, people walking their pet of choice, and trees pregnant with their leaves. And each time I pass I see and admire something different.  Each day has God’s handiwork displayed.  The road I trek each morning consists of steep hills and winding bends. It is similar to a roller coaster and is quite exhilarating! But my main thought of this post is to demonstrate that the little things that you pass by are significant and my heart is being transformed by them.


What little things have been revealed to me recently? Hugs in the morning from my host dad is a little thing that can be easily overlooked, but those hugs, aside from my morning communion with the Lord, set the tone for the day and remind me that I am loved. Playing board games with Ife, Monopoly being one of her favorites, is a little thing that means the world to her and in turn strikes the chords of my heart. Talks at the local coffee shop with my girl, Sophia, inspire me to reach higher in my goals and reveal to me the depth of her passion for other people.

Monopoly++ All these little things together construct memories and pictures that when I pass by I cannot help but smile and remember their significance. ++

Little things can be game changers people. A smile, a kind word, a hug that if ignored loses its importance, its significance, its opportunity to change someone’s day. As I pass by houses, people that walk their pet of choice, and trees pregnant with their leaves I am reminded of all the little things. The structure of the houses, the color of the person’s sneakers, the size of the animal they lead, and the slivers of light that escape through the spaces in-between trees branches all these little things forge collectively to make today, today.

I know that the turn of my wheel in my hunter green Explorer each morning whether to the right or left begs to reveal the myriad of little things that God wants to show me. God is all about little things, all about little details, and all for me. A passage of Scripture that solidifies the previous statement is Genesis 1 and 2. God’s creation was not created or orchestrated until He deemed it very good.

Park            Road

Little things urge me to stop, to observe, and to appreciate the Artist work. Don’t allow the masterpieces of life, that God has crafted, pass you by. Instead as you pass by, remember that He put those little things all around you to show you more of Himself.

Today is made up of little things. You choose whether they pass you by or if you take time to appreciate them. I hope you choose the second. 🙂 Have a great Thursday!


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