Sleeping Bags, Fires, and Games–Let’s Go To Camp!

Frontlines 2015 Facebook Cover-Clover

Forest green

This is the color of my life for the next week. Frontlines X is the banner that has been dominating the Interns office for the last two months! It is finally here and we are all excited to see everything play out! Long days of planning are now coming to life this week! I would be lying if I said I was not partial to the Forest Green team.

July 13-18, 2015 at 4:00 PM we depart for a life-changing week. One that will challenge us physically, transform us spiritually, and discipline us mentally. I have the honor of being a counselor for our 7th grade girls and I would not want that any other way! Pray for this week. We have 200 kids coming for this week! We are stoked!

There is also another reason I am posting so early. This week will not be flexible for me to post on my normal day so, you are getting my post a little earlier! This past week we had the pleasure of hosting Kat and Steve Blakely. When I tell you that these people are diamonds in the ruff, I believe it is an understatement. They were incredibly intelligent and loving. It is sad that today is their last day with us here in Ohio.


These English Pals have made life absolutely pleasurable. They have taught me a lot about the English culture and how it varies significantly with the American culture. One of the biggest things I got to experience with these friends is the English Pub. The making of shepherd’s pie was essentially one of the biggest controversies I encountered with Kat and Steve because America has put beef and lamb together. That is a huge no-no. And it was enjoyable to watch Kat and Steve interact to say the least.


In addition, I got to take an excursion around Strongsville, Ohio with none other than Rachel Mowers, Suz Henzler, Morgan Verbickey, Isabella Whiting, and Kellie Gaebelein! It was a treat! Lunch and shopping for our team colors was a blast and I really got to know our new friends and catch up with old friends! It was a blessing!

Blog1     Blog2

Totally not taking friends for granted here! (: So, as the time approaches to 4:00 PM keep us in prayer! I am so thankful for this opportunity to be with campers and fellow leaders! Thank you in advance for the support and care! I look forward to posting more pictures and explaining more stories as I go through this week! Be ready for probably one of my best posts yet! 😀 Have a great Monday everyone!


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