How to be in the moment

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This right here describes one of the best nights of Frontlines X. Paint is not scared to encroach on every part of the human body when it is meant for war. When you blow your nose and purple snot comes out that is when you know how serious we take our paint wars. These girls aided to perfect my overall disheveled, yet surprisingly artsy look.


 Believe it or not this was only our first night of being at Frontlines X. So, as you can well imagine the rest of the week was a blast! Games, worship, and kids all connected to create an atmosphere of pure enjoyment. With camp came new things to conquer in my Christian walk. One of the many lessons I learned at camp was to stop trying to come before God having my life all together. Ever try to patch an old garment with new fabric? It does not work.

Let me dive a little deeper. You must be forewarned that part of this post will not be about the kicks and giggles of life, but rather the difficult question I had to wrestle through.

how am i to be fully in the moment?

Camp revealed how often I try to have everything together when God accepts me just as I am. Being a leader for the 7th grade girls was a privilege. But with leadership comes the quick revealing of character. Setting apart time to read God’s word and pray is crucial to my ministry. To be fully in the moments of ministry I needed to take my moments to be fully in my time with the Lord.  At camp I did not really know the girls I would be ministering too. In fact, that is probably why being fully in the moments with the Lord did not happen. I was working hard to develop relationships with my girls and to see where their hearts were while neglecting the heart that attempting to keep its regular rhythm inside of me.

my girls        my girls2

The question of how am I to be fully in the moments to some may appear to be a stupid question. This recent camp situation required me to ask this question in order to see if my heart was really striving to obey and trust God because I love Him not because I am following  rules or practices. So, how am I to be fully in the moments? Well, I am to focus on and trust the one who holds all of my moments.  Moments of triumph, moments of pain, and moments of tests are all allowed by God. It takes a lot of bravery to stand and trust God with each and every moment.

skyOne of my friends recently challenged me to be brave because you do not have to worry about winning anything. The war is over. Christ has conquered the grave, therefore; walk in bravery. Be brave to live fully in the moments. Be all there wherever you are. Being fully there does not mean you have it all together. Being fully there is all of you no matter whether you are broken or doing well.

Okay, I am done with my “rant”.  After camp we were given the week off and I had the opportunity to go back to my home  roots in PA. It was full of adventures and moments. HA! Go figure. My family is a blessing and a gift and they made the time home sweet and special. That week was jam-packed full of food, mini-golf, conversations, and shopping. Below I have put just a few examples of an overall fabulous week!

mommy            myboys


Family is forever

So, as you can see today is Friday and I normally post on Thursdays. I am now going to be posting on Fridays for all those who are concerned. I am thankful for this internship here in Ohio. It is a tool that God is using to transform my heart that is still wrecked with sin. Continue to pray for me as I am being changed and broken to reflect more clearly the image of Jesus Christ. Pray for me to live fully in my moments. Please live fully in the moments you are given. Be brave.

Have a great Friday!



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