The Acts Of An Intern

I have been asked the question, “What do you actually do?” so many times this week that it inspired me to write why I’m here at the internship.

The Acts of an intern–The Act of a PARTICULAR apostle

The question above was not the only reason I decided to explain why I’m here. Joe recently allowed me to start reading a book by Matt Mikalatos. Into the Fray embarks on a journey through the book of Acts. To be more specific, the author works through the different acts of the apostles as they are recorded in Scripture and uses modern language to help narrate their stories.mattmikalatos

Today, I studied the last half of Acts 8, which communicates the story of Philip and the eunuch.  Philip responds to a command from the angel of the Lord to “Rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” Initially, my thoughts turn into questions. It states in the Bible that this is a desert place. My heavens. He is going to a desert place. Why? It does not explain whatsoever what Philip is going to encounter in this desert place. Yes, that’s right.  Philip wasn’t given a reason. 

But he went. He went. Don’t get the pom poms out just yet. Philip is walking down this road and he sees a eunuch. A eunuch that is by all means wealthy, but this eunuch is described specifically as being one that could not have a family. The eunuch is broken, battered, and ashamed. He can’t have kids, he doesn’t have a wife, and he is mocked, looked down upon because of this. And this is the scene we find Philip in. Philip had no idea why he was walking to this desert place. This eunuch was the reason for the journey. Philip shared the good news of Jesus with the eunuch and also baptized him. Take a second and breathe in the beauty of this moment. Philip goes to a desert place because he is commanded to, but has been given no reason of why. And he gets to share the good news of Jesus with this eunuch as well as baptizing him.

 The connection

Like Philip, the command of the Lord was clear for me to embark on my own journey to Cleveland, Ohio. I did not know the reason. And there is not one solid reason I can give you. In fact, it is made up of myriads of reasons. Some that have been made known and some that are still to be discovered.

A new family, new friends, new bosses, and a new environment is what was given to me when I arrived here on that sunny day in May. What I did not know was the honor and privilege I would be given to serve alongside some of the most humble leaders and to work alongside some of the greatest teenagers.

The connecting point of mine and Philip’s story is that we were commanded to go. The act of an intern is to follow the Lord’s command day in and day out (as well as Rick and Joe’s command) when we are not promised the reason for why we are doing it until we actually do it.  Office hours tend to be drab and often I get lost in the minute tasks. But those hours prepare us for sharing of the good news of Jesus! Our ministry is to share the good news of Jesus and train others to go and do the same. We program to share the good news, we fight to share the good news, and we want to share the good news.

The following acts of this intern…

This little fellow and little gal quickly stole the hearts of both Rachel and I. I am holding Vincent and Rachel is holding sweet, AlainaFullSizeRender2.  We occasionally get FullSizeRenderto serve the mom’s at CVC by watching their delightful, spunky children. In the words of Rachel Mowers, “we love all da babies.”

This week I also was able to enjoy a nice breakfast with my host parents, have some quality time with both of my host sister’s, and have a coffee date with one of my favorite teenagers.



Demetrios was the venue of choice for breakfast. And it just so happens that diners are my favorite place to eat and Demetrios hits the mark when it comes to classy diners. I am thankful for my host parents. They chose me to be a part of their family and I am so loved.


Starbucks is the other setting you see me in the following picture. Dara and Lydia rock my socks when it comes to coffee dates! Ife and I are in the top photo and we decided it was important that she get on the blog. Ife is one of my favorite people in the world. She is kind and hilarious.


Thanks for keeping up with me as I continue this adventure as an intern. Keep praying for our team, our ministry, and our hearts!





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