When You Just Can’t Do It All

Moment by moment I move from activity to activity. Looking at my planner you wonder how I even attempt to accomplish my tasks and activities while maintaining an actual life.myleaves

Currently, I sit outside marveling at the leaves beginning to fade into hues of vivacious reds and enchanting oranges.
The air is crisp, refreshing as I breathe it in.


New seasons trigger change. The atmosphere releases delicious fragrances that tickle my nose. Fresh apple crisp bakes in the oven and permeates the air. I love apples. They are my favorite. Leaves crunch under the feet of kids running after one another and playing tag. Fall is by far the best season.

Lately, my brain has been spinning with all that must be accomplished. After writing my first book review, which can be found by clicking this link– http://joevalenti.me/portfolio-item/2884/, I was stretched in various directions academically. The pressure was on as I mapped out my script. Words carry power. Into the Fray attributed to furthering my knowledge of the book of Acts which helped me understand God’s grace more. I am thankful that as I peered into the story, I captured a clearer view of God’s heart. He is good. Constant in His grace.

My journey to know God by studying His word and diving into His love transforms my heart. Once resembling stone my heart reconstructs and flesh takes its place. Salvation, a gift, provides me a relationship with a God so holy, so mighty. Salvation was a sacrifice. Salvation was God’s only Son coming down in the humblest form, a baby. He then died on the cross but the magnitude of what happens next cannot be removed or missed. He roseJesus Christ lives. Right here. Right now. He rose. My eternity forever changed. Being reminded of the hopeless state I was in causes me to respond with AWE. It is what He deserves. It causes me to tremble. He is so good. Please remember the holiness of sacrifice. The life-altering gift that by one man taking on the sins of the whole world vindicated us if we so choose to believe and accept it. Mind-blown.

Work, school, and people combine to create an explosion of activity. Working in the church illuminates the countless functions and factions involved in ministry. Currently I am reading a detailed script concerning church administration. The book supports varied positions held in the church. Furthermore, it exposes the strategies, the structures, and plans that underlines successes in church administration.  Translating the authors choice of words, at times fractures my confidence that I understand English, but I am working on it. Significant studies construct the framework of this book that enable me to enjoy the principles to be applied to my present and future ministry.IMG_2154

Within this season I have been able to go home, run a 5k, finish the first of many retreats with my team, and broaden my friendships. Blessings continuously flow. My thankfulness abounds as my journey continues here in Ohio.

God’s faithfulness extends to every part of my life. So many pictures, so many memories and I have the opportunity to connect with all of you through some
of my most precious snapshots. So, here is my life 😀12112232_10152935193201706_3827369852530984153_n













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