Margins Do Not Only Apply To Word Documents

pictures of formattingMicrosoft Word DOCUMENTS

In a Microsoft Word Document you are given suggested options for the margins of your paper. Margins are the edge or border of something. So, if you give yourself one inch of margin on the top, bottom, and sides you limit the amount of text you can fit on one page. Without margin there is no room for mistake or error. The expectation, to perform with excellence at all times, causes suffocation.

My title for this blog post, I think, gives away the topic of conversation I am going to steer towards.

 Margins Apply to Life

Other posts have informed you, the reader, that currently I am completing some graduate level courses. So, these past couple weeks encompassed many frustrations, tremendous moments of joy, loss of sleep, and crazy times of laughter.

Michael Hyatt, a CEO and founder of Intentional Leadership, has this to say about margin. Hyatt states: “Margin is not something that just happens. You have to fight for it.” I’ve played sports for a good portion of my life. I thought I was a fighter. But what I realized is that you can fight for no margin or you can fight for margin. I passionately fought for no margin.


God rested. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, scribes the precious words, “In the beginning.” And the story, written before time, begins. Creation unfolds in Chapter 1 and when Chapter 2 starts verses 1-2 cause me to jerk to a halt.

Genesis 2:1-2

“Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.”

He rested. Shocking for sure, but nonetheless true. Other blog posts I’ve authored have attributed to this idea of rest. Go figure. What took me down was the correlation of spiritual, mental, and physical exhaustion. How on earth do I find rest? People are my thing! People are also exhausting.  I am a master at filling up every second of my day with something.  But about a month ago, I attended a retreat. A retreat, mind you, about rest.

 It is prideful not to create margins in your life. It is prideful to not rest. The end all of those last two statements, I’m prideful. No one rips away my time from me unless I allow them to. It is easy to pass blame on someone else rather than taking ownership for my mistakes.  But that is just it is it not? Pride, when discovered or pointed at, hastens to cover up, to rationalize. How scary. It claws at my heart leaving it impaired. The antiseptic, the bandage binds the myriad of cuts. What is the bandage? Silly readers. It is people who love me and expose my pride and God’s truth that they use. Painful, right? Actually, it is necessary. Because of this reason. They love me enough to share God’s truth so that I reflect the heart of God.

 If you remember I quoted Genesis 2:1-2 above which clearly states that God rested. He created margin. He gave Himself space. I want to reflect God’s heart. Therefore, resting is a part of reflecting His heart. Pretty straightforward. Go. My encouragement to all of you who are satisfied with no margin until a crash happens, please take my warning with love.

  • Admit your pride (First steps tend to be the hardest.)
  • Get right with God (Ask for forgiveness and see yourself as you ought. The object of His grace.)
  • Create Margin (Write down your day. Write down activities put space for you)
  • Establish a rest period (Detach from the grips of all that holds you to your busyness)

Coffee  tends to be my avenue of a rest period and located in the hub of North Royalton sits an artsy coffee shop. I spent my day there on Saturday to journal and read.FullSizeRender Both of which I have pushed to the side in the midst of my busyness. Sitting there, I reflected on the activities that have been flurrying around me. It was glorious. It was me and God for a good three hour span. It reminded me of Psalm 16:11:

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

He has got it. Let go. He is God always and forever. Trust Him.

FUN Days

Yay pictures! Hello fun days of activities!IMG_2196

Dara and I celebrated her birthday by going to Cheesecake Factory. So incredibly thankful for this sweet gem. She rocks socks people. She is going to go far and do great things!

The next few pictures will show you people/hobbies that I love here. Our activities consisted of bookstores, dinner parties, and running.








IMG_2212 IMG_2204



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