What To Do With Insecurity

Tom Hooper

“I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it’s shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it’s a physical block, and the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self. It’s truly inspiring because I think all of us are engaged in that every day.”


Insecurity is one of life’s greatest monsters whether it be revealed within yourself, relationships, a job, or family. This monster lives and breathes inside of us. It claws at our joy. Its power over us is astounding. But let me ask one question. How many of us continually feed this beast? I am going to use one of the best examples I know. Myself.

Each day I battle with thoughts of insecurity. Is this a blog about defeating it? No, that is not my intention. I want to tell you how I feed this giant and how I often cannot defeat it. In order for something to grow, in order for something to flourish you must take care of it. You have to care for it by feeding and watering it. My insecurity grows when I give it the proper nourishment. What kind of food do I offer to this creature? Three main things come to mind.


1. Fear

Taking the main stage, fear likes to stand in  the center and share its well-rehearsed lines. And I, being the captive audience, listen to the lies and am persuaded that what this act is telling me is true. The performance is flawless. Subtle messages reach my ears. Fear declares that  I am not going to be able to do anything, I am not worth it, and no one understands. You can imagine that this particular “food” can give the protein necessary to strengthen insecurity.

2. Lack of prayer

Warriors craft plans and prepare for battles by sharpening their tools and using them. In that same way, prayer is where I seek wisdom and discernment on how to plan and prepare for battle. But if I lack prayer then the tip, of my once sharp weapon, is dull. Feed this lack of prayer to insecurity and the transition from hand to mouth allows this food to slide smoothly down its throat. No trouble whatsoever.

3. Perfectionism

Oh the battle rages on! It stinks. Helpful criticisms/warnings have been expressed about my bent tendency towards perfectionism. Growing up playing sports, my competitive spirit exposes itself more than just on the court or field. The workplace and my relationships also suffer from this perilous mindset. Perfectionism focuses on me and my progress alone. Insecurity grows as I feed it the treat of perfectionism.


All of this food aids insecurity’s growth. Negative thoughts can also grow with the right food. Insecurity starts as a tiny root. Take my fear, my lack of prayer, and my perfectionism to satisfy the cravings of insecurity and the blossom forms into a disfigured, nasty weed that prohibits the beauty of what God’s transforming grace can do.

So, question. What are you feeding your monster of insecurity? Figure out the foods you are taking to supply this feeling of insecurity and stop it. It is not a one and done decision. If you fail, which you will, get back up. Good luck fighting in the fetal position if that is what you choose. I am not fighting alone. God will never let anyone or anything pluck me out of His hand. Victory is possible. Choose to not feed insecurity!

A Weekend with special people

Fall break for Summit University was last weekend and with that Cleveland was blessed with  the presence of some of the finest people.

Caleb was the first of our many visitors.IMG_2222 It is always an adventure with this friend. The pictures, I think, capture the essence of our friendship.

Our next guests have no less value in the lives of many. Seeing their faces, laughing with them, and doing the whole journeying thing was a pleasure and delight. Kevin and Wagner were the next two blessings on the list.


The four-some quickly turned into an eight-some when we joined the Kish’s for a night filled with worship and praise to our Heavenly Father. That night was one of great fellowship.



All in all, it happened that this was one of the best weekends I have ever experienced. I have been blessed with some special people that seek to sharpen one another. Please pray for them as they embark on all of their journeys to glorify the Lord. They are precious people.

Blessings to all of you as you enter into a new week!




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